Ghost of a Dog

Full Moon Crime Spree – Ghost of a Dog – £9.99 + P&P

  1. higham special
  2. through the looking glass
  3. colour me blue
  4. full moon crime spree
  5. the russians are coming
  6. mexicano (boys night out)
  7. passionate intensity
  8. ghost detainee
  9. ball and chain
  10. burning coal


“Fresh and Exciting…impressive debut characterised by stunning vocals… They’ve hit the ground running and not missed a step” ****
– Maverick Country

“….highly melodic, well crafted songs …… of the strongest, richest voices to be heard on the British alt-country scene.”
– Bristol Evening Post

“..a beautiful and very modern sounding album …moving stories…charismatic vocals…this is quality!”

“One of the elements that is apparent from this album is the sheer power of Tamzin’s vocals – Janis Joplin comes to mind”
– Electric Ghost

“Songs that stand above the norm …Tamzin is a country Kate Bush if ever there was one”

“Wonderful folk tinged rockin Americana”
– Medicine Show Radio

“Exquisite Alt-country…… A sublime treat”
– The Forester

“…most delicious……melodic Americana.”

About Ghost of a Dog:

Ghost of a Dog hail from Monmouthshire and the west of England, the five piece band have quickly established themselves as being at the forefront of the Americana/Folk/

Alt-country/Roots movement in South Wales & the West, hot on the heels of other contemporary Roots bands in the area and across the country. They have “charismatic” front woman Tamzin Powell, who creates a powerful yet controlled sound, variously described as everything from “…a female Ryan Adams” to “…a country Kate Bush”.

Tamzin Powell – Lead Vocals, Ukelele,
Matt Powell – Guitar, vox
Jonathan Attree – Bass
Tracy Neil Elliss-Brookes – Guitar
Marc Aird – Drums


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