Tales From A Town – Gwildor – £8.99 + P&P


  1. Lights Going Down
  2. Walking War
  3. Soaks Away Your Scorn
  4. You Just Lost Your Way
  5. Toe The Line
  6. Emily
  7. An Elevator Fairytale
  8. The Wolf
  9. I’ll Follow Doubt (A Misguided Lovesong)
  10. The Boy And The Preacher
  11. Up At The Surface
  12. Close Your Eyes
  13. Climbing Trees


“Tales From A Town is an enjoyable blend of effervescent, folk-tinged pop, alternating between a mellow acoustic sound, reminiscent of the tender reveries of Kathryn Williams, and a more edgy, offbeat quirkiness that at times recalls early 10,000 Maniacs.

A number of songs feature a full-blown pop production, with the band making effective use of guitar, bass, piano, violin and drums, creating an exhilarating sound that is bound to appeal to radio play lists and summer festival-goers. “You Just Lost Your Way” is laden with catchy hooks and sparkling harmonies, and could well provide an ideal summer soundtrack, should sufficient exposure be achieved.

For me, it is the darker moments that carry most appeal. “Soak Away Your Scorn” has a deliciously mesmerising arrangement with a hypnotic guitar melody, underscored by a brooding violin and piano, evoking the menace of an approaching storm. A scant, laconic vocal adds further to the alluring gloom.”
–, May 2008

“Wrexham’s acoustic pop hopefuls present a full statement of intent after 2005’s Shattered Fragments short. Already pushing beyond Welsh boundaries, this brew of soulful introspection, rollicking tunes and dashes of instrumental brilliance is charming without being pretentious. Can’t see the press kit reference to the Smiths myself, but as a tag, the Smiths of Wrexham ain’t bad for publicity!”
-fRoots, March 2008

“…folk-tinged rock tunes that have an undoubted ability to play on your heartstrings…truly superb.”
– Aled Jones,

About Gwildor:

Gwildor are a 6-piece indie/folk/acoustic band from Wrexham, North Wales. They released their ‘Shattered Fragments’ EP through Folkwit Records in 2005. They released their debut album Tales From A Town through Folkwit on 11 September 2007. Their influences include Belle and Sebastian, Leonard Cohen, The Beach Boys, and the West Wales coast.


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