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The fine reviews just keep on coming for If Wen’s music and we’re not surprised. This is a superb album with tunes that lodge in the mind and soothe the sensitive soul. Take a look at If Wen’s videos as well…mysterious and haunting…many agree If Wen is English nu-folk at its finest.

Here’s a Super-8 movie by film-maker Rob Taylor featuring Nothing Means Nothing by If Wen from the album Take a Look at The Sea.

Take A Look at The Sea – if wen – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Take A Look At The Sea
  2. Good Heart Bleed
  3. Stay
  4. Nothing Means Nothing
  5. Give It All Away
  6. Love Letters
  7. Wind Blows
  8. Eclipse Has Gone
  9. Never Ending
  10. Lovelight
  11. It Always Hurts
  12. One Day


“Standout tracks include the uplifting folktronica of the opener, the anthemic Loveletters, and the hookladen It Always Hurts.” – Gareth L Powell, Acoustic Magazine

“..the most overtly catchy of if wen’s anthems, like Love Letters, have something of the opulent feel of Paris-1919-period John Cale – which should be taken as quite a complement.” – David Kidman, Folk and Roots

“..not only a selection of natural, soothing acoustic tracks but a celebration of nature and its beauty…brings to mind comparisons to artists such as Nick Drake and Elliott Smith. This album is a definite for anyone who plans to spend this summer relaxing in a peaceful, pastoral place, away from the busy city and the worries of life.” – Nicholas Benson, Folk Music, Suite 101

“Delicate, awkward, endearingly intimate, this is an album to savour, to mull over…A bedsit album for the modern age.” – Paul Kerr, Blabber ‘n’ Smoke

“Beautifully played and recorded….it’s an album that harks back to the folkie idealism of the late sixties and Donovan, Al Stewart and Nick Drake in particular….if ‘classic’ late 1960’s style English singer songwriter folk is your bag, then Take A Look At Sea is an essential purchase.” – Pete Whalley, Get Ready to Rock!

“Take a Look at the Sea” opens the album on a high note, delivering well-crafted hooks and gives you that pensive feeling that comes from listening to a good piece of melodrama. “Nothing Means Nothing” is a terrific song, purposefully strummed behind fragile vocals.” – Bradley Hartsell, DOA

“Fine folk from the far beaches of Cornwall..that’s the title track from If Wen’s masterful and subtly understated album Take a Look at the Sea.” – BBC DJ Tom Robinson

“..genius..one of best things heard in last ten years..could be the English Elliot Smith.’ – Shaun Belcher, Flyin’ Shoes Review

“A quite charming and fulfilling debut release’ – David Kidman, NetRhythms

‘‘..a really great album..’ – BBC DJ Sean Rowley

“..songs that go far deeper than many song writers are capable of going..’ – the acoustic/folk fanzine Fatea

“Simple, pastoral, but breathtaking folktronica.” – Radio Caroline TV

“..an impressive album..” – BBC DJ Gary Crowley

“The title track sets off the record at a mellow pace, which resonates throughout, shining like early Death Cab or a trumpet-less Get Cape.’ ‘Wind Blows’ is this album’s most sweet of sweetest moments though, if anything ideal for one of those iPod-ready summer nights on the beach.” – Adam Silverstein, Subba Cultcha

“Sublime multi-tracked vocals soar over earthy fingerpicked guitar with a melodic pop sensibility whose closest comparison is an extroverted Elliott Smith circa Figure 8. The vocals at times bring to mind Nick Drake, without the intensity and melancholy but just as breathy and lovely…I enjoyed Take a Look at the Sea very much.’ – Alex Cleary, Folking.com

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About if wen:

if wen is a singer songwriter from Cornwall with a modern take on pastoral folk – this is an extraordinary album that has featured on folk radio shows worldwide, made the top 50 of the world folk radio play charts and has had its title track video rotated over 2 separate periods on MTV2




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