Johnno Casson

Window Shopping, Johnno Casson’s debut album is due for release on 8 October 2012. Warm, personal and poignant songs that beautifully capture the growing pains of life and love:

Window Shopping – Johnno Casson

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  1. battle scars
  2. everybody’s got sides
  3. out of credit
  4. window shopping
  5. love vibration
  6. forget it
  7. do you think about him now
  8. so long getting it wrong
  9. whatever happened to the working class
  10. disguised as love
  11. truth
  12. this is essex


“Whilst he’s probably still better known for his Snippet persona, that could all be about to change for Colchester based singer-songwriter, Johnno Casson on the back of his debut album, “Window Shopping”…life is like this and there’s real poetry on those journeys”

“An album of stripped down, laid-back songs of heartfelt intensity. Iconic!”
– Tom Robinson BBC 6 Music

“Stand by: the improbable satisfaction that comes from little victories fills Johnno Casson’s delicate, quirky album, Window Shopping.As honest a collection of songs as you’ll ever find, and forged with a lot of love, Window Shopping represents another decent effort from a genuinely entertaining artist”
– Silent Radio

“A rich tapestry, an East End Brian Wilson on a budget, full of orchestral touches and multiple melodies and harmonies”
Americana UK

“Like a grown up, mature, new narrative of Squeeze’s ‘Up the Junction’ set in East London and Colchester”
– Duckie

“Window Shopping is a warm, friendly LP, that will almost certainly provoke a smile at some point”
– For Folks Sake

“Window Shopping is an album of entertaining, forthright observations. It is a worthwhile indulgence that lets the listener explore all the dirty corners without becoming mired in existential crisis.”
The Dadada

“Over the years, we’ve been deeply suspicious of people called Johnno, or Robbo or Smitho, or indeed anybody who appends an “o” to the end of their name. However, Colchester artist Johnno Casson has helped cure this phobia and he seems a distinctly decent chap with a world-view we can relate to. He’s probably better known as Snippet but his latest offering is a more stripped back affair in which he wears his musical heart on his impeccably tailored sleeve.”
Von Pip Musical Express

“Folk-pop is a genre that seems to have at once come from nowhere and be spreading like wildfire, and Johnno Casson is a great example and result of this. In his songwriting he seems to effortlessly take personal and often melancholic subject matter and turn it into honest, emotional and at times epic music. He is sure to catch people’s attention whatever genre they favour.”
Thank Folk For That

About Johnno Casson:

Colchester artist Johnno Casson may be also known to many of you as Snippet, the funky folky wonky pop multi instrumentalist, who has delivered an extremely well received range of vibrant releases in the last few years in the shape of 4 EPs and the debut album Slowly Slowly Catchee Monkey.

In the process Snippet became the most played artist in the history of BBC Introducing:Fresh on the net and was described by Q Magazine as “reminiscent of early Beck”.

This is music with a bitter-sweet bite that lingers like that big kid spoiling for a fight at the end of the school day without seeing that you have a light saber behind your back. A sense of longing never felt this good. We invite you to discover Johnno Casson for yourself.

The track This is Essex was originally released as a single in January 2012 – check it out and buy it here.


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