Jude C Montague And Wim Oudijk

The Leidenfrost Effect is the latest collaboration from poet and performance artist Jude C Montague and Dutch composer/arranger Wim Oudijk. Always engaging, it’s music that is sometimes challenging, often thought provoking and sometimes laugh-out-loud funny. Released on 23 February 2015 in collaboration with DiscoFair, The Netherlands.

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The Leidenfrost Effect - Jude C Montague and Wim OudijkThe Leidenfrost Effect - Jude C Montague and Wim Oudijk

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These songs were inspired by news stories from Reuters in 2011.

These four songs were originally recorded by Jude Cowan (aka Jude C Montague) at Bark Studios, Walthamstow by Brian O’Shaughnessy. The unmixed WAV files from these sessions were sent to Wim Oudijk in Den Haag (The Hague, The Netherlands) who composed and arranged new musical parts. The result is an EP of 4 co-composed tracks – the songs and lyrics set within the imaginative and expressive arrangements.

The original recordings can be found on Jerome Poirier’s net label Three Legs Duck on the album, World News Vision (March 2011).


“Something slightly bizarre and fantastically Bonkers…

Chances are if you’ve seen Jude play then you wont have forgotten her work and energy in a hurry. I don’t know if its the same for everyone else but her performances do to me what her recording do to me too, They both give me that lovely warm feeling you get when you are being read too or being told a story by a child with a great imagination. I don’t really know what that feeling is, I used to get it when I was a child and my mum would tie my shoe laces before I knew how, and when my class mates would doodle on my books at school. I still get it when I play with my nephew, I guess it’s a mix of anticipation, excitement, enjoyment and carefree involvement. What ever it is its a lovely feeling and anything that can give you that feeling should be shared…

Jude Writes poems based on true stories she happens upon in her role working for a TV news channel. Her selection of stories are silly and fun with slightly serious undertones at times, I’m already familiar with some of Jude’s poems which are also recorded separately but I must say that with the musical accompaniment of Wim Oudilk, I can close my eyes and imagine that I am seeing exactly what Jude was imagining at the time she wrote them, and it’s all in cartoon.

Barbie and Ken was release December 10th 2012 on Folkwit records, Have a Listen, chances are you you’ll either love it or hate it. If you hate it… I suggest you spend some time with a child and/or take life less seriously…”
The Secret Showcase Presents

“What sort of music do you like? There is so much to choose from. What makes you like what you like? Have you ever questioned yourself about it? Do you know who captured the sounds you love? Do you know that the singers and the bands you listen to, only sound that good with the collaboration of others? This is true of the very best, the very, very best. The Beatles had George Martin as their arranger/producer. What did he do before the Beatles? He produced amongst others, the Goons. He understood Spike Milligan (poet), a fact for which I shall be forever grateful. He understood the Beatles. Would we have such recordings without him?

Writing/performing is different to arranging/producing. I would imagine there can be very few whose work cannot be improved without that of the other. That is of course if the one understands the other and is in complete harmony with their wishes and vision. Gilbert was a successful writer before he met Sullivan. Sullivan was a successful musician/composer before he met Gilbert. Together they changed the world. Their work is still performed around the globe. Ah, you don’t like them? Do you know of all the hidden meanings, the sexual double-entendres? The fact they were singing about real people, personalities their audiences could identify? They were the Monty Python of their era. Queen Victoria asked Sullivan not to continue with the comic operas. In true musician spirit, he carried on.

When you say there is to be a poetry reading, it is a true Marmite moment. Love it or hate it, there is no in between. I have been guilty of this myself. I have heard the great and the good of the acting profession reading poetry. In my opinion, they can’t do it. They think they can, but don’t know in which accent to read it, or what to do with their arms. Poetry, if it is to be performed, should only be done so by the writers themselves. If they can add their own music, then, so much the better. Sir John Betjeman, most popular of all poets for generations, read his own work, and that’s the way I like it. Sir John has a few albums available with music added. These though were composed by Jim Parker whose sympathetic understanding of Betjeman’s spoken rhythmical tempo comes from love of the work, and his years as a member of the Barrow Poets. There was much humour and seriousness in the Barrow Poets’ work. I still have their LPs. I used to see them in concert in the early 1970s, in Swindon.

We have here four works by Jude Cowan. Jude is a poet, a musician, a performer, a total idiot in the very best interpretation of the word, and strange-to say, I already know all the poems/ reading/ songs on this EP. Jude works for the news channel of a major TV company, and gets to know of all the stories, both tragic and ludicrous. She sees all the stories that we do, and all those that we don’t. These four tracks are from the news. They are all true. And such stories:
1. Barbie & Ken… 2. Giant African Snail… 3. Rabbitfish… 4. Russian Ice Swimming…
Yes, believe it or not, they are true! Ludicrous eh? Silly! Ah, but Jude is always one step ahead. Underneath the odd-ball tales here, lay deep dark realities. Poverty and struggle. Sinister machinations. Jude is like the hero of a conspiracy movie when no one will believe her, or can even be bothered. Jude’s message is stark, too stark for her own good sometimes. Enter Wim Oudijk. Wim is a musician/arranger/producer of exceptional experience and understanding. His wonderful melodies change the impression of the work making it far more accessible to far more musical fans in search of challenging recordings. Jude’s words and music, challenge, yet reward. Weird wonderful unexpected different and all true, the words amaze. As with Jim Parker’s splendid music for Sir John Betjeman, Wim has transformed Jude’s work into a miniature multi-media event. If ever Jude makes it really big, and I do so hope she does, Wim’s collaboration on this four track EP, may well be seen as the catalyst. And yes, it’s fun.”
– Green Man Music

About Jude C Montague & Wim Oudijk:

Jude Cowan is a poet and singer-songwriter from London. Her first collection of poetry about Reuters news stories – For The Messengers – is published by Donut Press (2011). Her second collection The Groodoyals of Terre Rouge (set in Mauritius) is published by Dark Windows Press (Autumn 2012). She regularly improvises songs based on Reuters news stories as an ongoing project called World News Vision.

Wim Oudijk
is a Dutch composer, producer, arranger and songwriter from Den Haag. He formed the Navel Orange Choir in 1976, followed by the group Trespassers W in 1980. By 1998 he embarked on a solo career co-forming the Disco Fair record label with long-time friend Bert Koops and creating a number of solo releases. He has also produced and mastered for a whole host of artists including Todd Dillingham, Atilla The Stockbroker and Snippet.


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