Karla-Therese Kjellvander & The Rockridge Brothers

Dance, monster, to my soft song! – Karla-Therese Kjellvander & The Rockridge Brothers – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Don’t Look Back
  2. New Season
  3. Down down down
  4. Where no one stands alone
  5. Hard to love
  6. Rock island line
  7. Two hands
  8. Red rocking chair
  9. The bramble and the rose
  10. Church street blues
  11. Home to you


“Described as Swedish Americana but don’t let that put you off as Karla – Therese Kjellvander, who has graduated from punk to bluegrass presents an album of classics from the latter genre. Most ably accompanied by The Rockridge Brothers the infectious rhythms of Hard to Love, Red Rocking Chair and Two Hands make this probably the best album that I have heard so far this year. Not a bad track all the way through and the gospel Where No-one Stands Alone is the outstanding item.” ****
– Dave Sutherland, Nottingham Evening Post, Essential Guide

“Given the UK’s current fascination with all things Scandinavian, Karla-Therese Kjellvander (a former punk rocker from Sweden) and The Rockridge Brothers (also from Sweden) may have picked the right time to release their Nordic take on American old-time and bluegrass music. Dance, Monster, To My Soft Song! – a quirky title if ever there was one – presents a mix of originals and catchy classics with fiddle, guitar, banjo and double bass backing Kjellvander’s sweet country vocals. The boys’ harmony singing blends nicely with Kjellvander’s voice and husband Christian brings a warm baritone to their gentle version of Rock Island Line. Among the guests, mandolinist Edith Lundahl shines and organist Stefan Petersson lives it up on the spiritual Two Hands while Daniel Wigsbrand’s pedal steel brings a mellow feel to album closer, Home To You. It might not be raw and raucous bluegrass but there’s a certain charm about Kjellvander & The Rockridge Brothers.”
– Properganda, June 2011

“Judging just from the title of this collaborative effort by Swedish singer Karla-Therese Kjellvander and the Swedish bluegrass band The Rockridge Brothers, Dance, monster, to my soft song, you know this recording is a bit . . . different. This does have a certain charm; Kjellvander, a former punk musician (check out her very non-bluegrass tattoos), has a supple, sweet Laura Cantrell-style voice that blends in nicely with the Rickridge Brothers backing vocals. The band isn’t from the “hot pickers” school. Instead, they play a solid bluegrass style with banjo, fiddle, guitar and acoustic bass. The songs are a mixture of originals and old favorites…any record that states in the liner notes, “don’t blame the children for dancing if mama plays the drums” can’t be all bad!”
— Jim Lee, Driftwood Magazine

“‘… a perfect blend of folk, spiritual and old time music. ‘Dance, monster, to my soft song’ is unlikely to my first choice of album to play before going out on a Saturday night but I can think of nothing better to listen to on a Sunday morning.”
– John Hawes, Americana UK

About Karla-Therese Kjellvander & The Rockridge Brothers:

Karla-Therese Kjellvander’s musical career began in the mid nineties with legendary punk band Sindy Kills Me. Since then she has continued her career in music singing backing vocals, playing guitar, mandolin and piano with many other artists with a particular passion for country music. In recent years she has toured worldwide and received critical acclaim as backing vocalist and duet partner for her husband, Christian Kjellvander.

The Rockridge Brothers are one of the finest old-time bluegrass ensembles to be found anywhere outside of the US. Their reputation as a great live act is well-established and they’ve played the most prestigious bluegrass festivals and clubs in both the US and Europe including the Finger Lakes Festival of Music and Dance (better known as Grass Roots) and Floyd Fest.

Together they have produced a delightfully authentic album with a subtle Scandinavian twist – distributed in the UK by Folkwit Records in association with Playground Music Sweden.


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