One Eyed Jack – Moonhill – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Excessive
  2. Cider Bubbles
  3. Class of 1784
  4. Bone Creek
  5. Ballymoney
  6. Hunter’s Moon
  7. Five
  8. Finding Sutton
  9. Uncle Sid
  10. Celtic Medley
  11. One Eyed Jack
  12. Big Bill

An extraordinary fusion of Celtic Folk, Bluegrass and Progressive Rock music!


“This debut release has been a long time coming, with only banjo, dobro, mandola and mandolin-wielding main man Paul Bishop remaining from the line-up that – same old story – nearly signed for Warner/Reprise a few years back. This snippet of band history shines a light on the country-folk core of this all-instrumental album, yet only reveals part of the story.

With the help of a solid rhythm section capable of handling the twists and turns of the ‘Celtic hillbilly’ (Celtobilly, maybe?) material, a stroke of genius is the inclusion of Bishop’s son Luke on guitars. A versatile player, Bishop Jr adds an unexpected dollop of full-on rock that complements the more traditional lines of the acoustic instruments to a ‘T’. The end result is an inventive and invigorating set of powerful instrumentals that will appeal to anyone looking for that fine line where bluegrass meets progressive rock – and, let’s face it, that’s all of us, isn’t it?” ****
– Oz Hardwick, Rock ‘n’ Reel Magazine

“Instrumental bands tend to fall into the Celtic camp, well as far as the British Isles are concerned, either traditional or in one of a variety of fusions, Moonhill are an exception to that rule and a very refreshing thing it is too. “One Eyed Jack” provides an opportunity to concentrate on the instrumentation. It helps that the band are genre flirts, taking in folk, rock, bluegrass and even a touch of jazz and classical, it gives the playing a chance to shine without the need for self indulgent solos to show how good they are. It’s an album that reflects moods like the weather.”
– Neil King, FATEA

“This instrumental album pushes the boundaries of bluegrass, and includes some really fine and subtle work on electric guitar, electric banjo and drums… ‘One Eyed Jack’ is a fully-matured creation, with lots of variety and surprises. Though my own tastes tend to 1950s-60s bluegrass, I found I couldn’t stop listening to this album. The traditional elements of bluegrass banjo are indeed included, and played with a nice warmth, as well as jazz, blues, rock, Irish, and several other influences I can’t put an exact name to – some of which are probably these musicians’ own idea.”
– Rick Townend, British Bluegrass News

About Moonhill:

Moonhill is an original four piece instrumental band with a dynamic unique sound. They are genuinely impossible to pigeon hole (at least no one’s managed to put a label on their music yet!) innovatively twisting many genres together and encompassing musical styles as far apart as Rock, Jazz, Celtic, Bluegrass and a soupçon of Classical. The result is a sound that, although totally unique, seems to have a widespread appeal, which continues to win over audiences whenever they appear.


Paul Bishop: Acoustic/Electric Banjo, Dobro, Mandola, Mandolin.

Luke Bishop: Acoustic/Electric Guitar, Bass

Glenn Marsh: Bass

Joe Lee: Drums, Percussion.


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