Mr & Mrs Muffins

Mr & Mrs Muffins from Seattle, US release their latest album The Raindrop Dance & Other Songs About Love in the UK on Folkwit on 28 May 2012.

The Raindrop Dance & Other Songs About Love – Mr & Mrs Muffins

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  1. The Magic Cloud
  2. The Ladybird’s Theme
  3. The Carrot’s Theme
  4. The Raindrop Dance
  5. The Dream
  6. The Rabbit’s Theme
  7. The Painter
  8. The Happy Garden
  9. The Ladybird’s Lullaby
  10. The Illusion
  11. The Outro


“Have you ever heard an album for the very first time that exactly fits the mood you are in?

I was lucky enough to have such an album come my way in this last week from those lovely people at Folkwit Records that is so enchanting,beautiful & beguiling it has not been off my stereogram radio-matic ipod ghetto boom box thing ever since it landed.

It’s called ‘The Raindrop Dance & Other Songs about Love’ and its from Seattle based storytellers Mr. and Mrs. Muffin and we at FOTN think its something you may well find yourselves smitten with.

I have been incorporating the sounds of my melodica into my own music recently and so I fell hook,line and sinker for the melodica loveliness of opening track ‘The Magic Cloud’ and never looked back.

This album is gentle,relaxing and wondrous,just like a mini fairytale orchestra is performing for you in your living room.

Totally enchanting.”

“Really beautiful stuff.”
– Pull Up The Roots

“Seattle-based storytellers Mr & Mrs Muffins’ musical debut release featuring a collection of the musical interludes that first appeared on their two audio book releases for children.

As the origin of the compositions indicates, it’s a mostly instrumental album, containing tracks that range from sparse and childlike simplicity featuring interplay between a melodica and a toy piano, to full blown multi-layered production compositions and choral arrangements.

The biog tells me that Mr & Mrs Muffins are usually found playing music in their tiny cottage by the sea, or daydreaming about their heroes Mr Carrot and Mrs Rabbit………Aahh, how sweet is that.

It’s a strictly niche mood album, and should probably come with a government health warning about playing whilst driving a car or operating machinery.

Time will tell if the musical formula is one that will provide longevity for Mr & Mrs Muffins, and basing judgement on that old adage that involves poison and pleasure, this may well be an album that unsurprisingly develops a cult status.”
– Phil Carter, FATEA

“If Ivor and Viv were alive they would thoroughly approve.”
– Russ The French Flyer, DJ

About Mr & Mrs Muffins:

Mr. and Mrs. Muffins can usually be found playing music in their tiny cottage by the sea or daydreaming about their heroes, Mr. Carrot and Ms. Rabbit.

Every once in a while, Mr. and Mrs. Muffins like to join Mr. Carrot and Ms. Rabbit on their adventures to the planet Zardax or for a ride on Ezilda, the majestic pegasus.

This music provides the soundtrack for all of these adventures and more!!!

A lovely, mostly-instrumental album by Seattle-based storytellers, Mr. and Mrs. Muffins. The music here moves effortlessly from the simple and unsophisticated (a melodica or a toy piano picking out a melody) to very accomplished string passages and multi-layered soundscapes with airy choral arrangements that give you the chills. These recordings originally featured as interludes on the Muffins’ first two audio books, and the child-like sensitivity that pervades the album is tempered by longing and just the right shade of melancholy. It’s a winning formula.


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