EP1 – Seadog – £5.00 + P&P

  1. Hopeless Souls
  2. After Hours
  3. Beyond Ourselves
  4. The One I’ll Never Know
  5. Up In Smoke

EP2 – Seadog – £5.00 + P&P

  1. Around The Corner
  2. Dissolve
  3. Lucky Card
  4. Lost With Me
  5. End Of The Line


“..steeped in an era where Nick drake and Neil Young records roamed the land…beautiful and ethereal vocal harmonies…”
– SOURCE Magazine (Brighton) July 2008

“Seadog’s songs come in showers; harmonies ride each sound-droplet with skill, proficiency, and tenderness – like the finest of rain-riding adventurers. Hopeless Souls is chilling in the same musical park as the Mamas and the Papas’ California Dreaming’; End of the Line is an adventure on the high seas, Seadog riding the crests of influences like Neil Young and Nick Drake.”
– One80news (London and Brighton) March 2009

“Really strong songs beautifully arranged ­– folkish music at times reminiscent of The Byrds or similar – truly wonderful stuff.”
– April 2

About Seadog:

Seadog is the project of Brighton based musician Mark Nathan Benton and his revolving roster of musical friends. With Mark providing the song writing nucleus, the rest of the Seadog associates spin the musical ideas into fruition, fusing delicate acoustic lullabies with anthemic electric and acoustic textures. Each performer brings there own piece of imagination to the band, by experimenting with melody and sonic ambience.

The current line-up features Mark on guitar and lead vocals, Abi Wade-Gledhill on cello, Jennifer Coe on Clarinett, Maski Numajiri on bass guitar, glockenspiel, melodica, radio and samples, and Ryan Bollard on drums and percussion.

Seadog have made a strong presence amongst the Brighton music scene and have performed live sessions for local stations Radio Reverb and Juice FM. Recent shows have seen them experimenting with their creative visual abilities, by incorporating hand painted super 8 projections into their performances. As part of the Beatabet arts Collective, Seadog recently performed at a successful 4-day event at London’s Shunt Lounge to a wide audience.

So far the band have self- released two 5 track EP’s and have been busy planning and recording ideas for their debut album, which will also be finalised this year.


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