Soy Un Caballo

Les Heures De Raison – Soy Un Caballo – SOLD OUT

  1. Sous Les Paupières
  2. Volet
  3. Comme On Va Bien
  4. La Bibliothèque
  5. But Will Our Tears
  6. Robin
  7. La Chambre
  8. Au Ralenti
  9. La Raison Du Plus Fort
  10. La Lumière Sur La Pelouse
  11. La Droiture
  12. Passer Des Jours


“…smooth harmonies and a smoother pop sensibility…as sophisticated as a Parisian boulevard as diffident as exhaled Gauloise smoke, as cool as Jean-Paul Satre and as romantic as the Left Bank.”
– Nick Southgate, The Wire

“…an album that enchants and leaves you to imagine.”
– Neil King, FATEA

“…believe us if we say that YOU SHOULD REALLY try to get your hands on Les Heures De Raison.”

“From the land of chocolate, lighter than air, Soy un Caballo’s Les Heures de Raison feels like it was recorded inside a magical ball of soft cotton candy. In Spanish, “Soy un Caballo” translates as “I am a horse”; much more than a horse, this two-piece sounds like a rainbow-colored, winged unicorn. This is enlightened music. It is, if you will, bossanova for fairies.
Based in Brussels, Belgium, the real-life couple of Aurelie Muller and Thomas Van Cotton came together after playing for years in separate projects-like Raymondo, V.O., and Melon Galia-and formed Soy un Caballo. Their style is sophisticated and adorable, and if you haven’t yet experienced it, you need to hear them. They sing romantic, intimate songs in the language of love and play the xylophone, which might be a good explanation for why they chose Sean O’Hagan (from High Llamas) to produce Les Heures de Raison. (Those familiar with this genre know how much he loves marimbas.) Multi-talented Will Oldham, who makes good music and boring movies, is a guest vocalist on “La Chambre,” singing in French and doing it tres bien!
None of the twelve songs on this debut album are simple, and there’s not a single wasted note in them either. Each one of these tunes cast a honey-dipped sense of place and space. Just as their music is seasoned with lots of tiny wonderful details, the CD cover and booklet are full of funny, witty, and cute illustrations that were created by Muller herself. This is an excellent record and it makes me very happy, particularly now that Belgians have something besides beer and waffles to get excited about.”
– Laura Koffler,

“Aurelie Muller and Thomas Van Cottom, combine forces with Louisville’s Will Oldham with breathtaking results.
Delicate and frail, Soy Un Caballo’s (‘I am a horse’ in Spanish) music is calm and uplifting. Crossing Sufjan Stevens-esque harmonies with boss nova guitars Muller’s childlike, crystalline vocals soar high over a light shimmer of melody and beats whilst Oldham’s deep husky harmonies – all the better for being sung in French – only add to the magical, dreamlike quality of the album.
With its seemingly minimalist approach to music – with guitars, piano and shuffling drums guiding the listener through this absolute gem of a release – it comes as a surprise to find help from members of Beirut, The High Llamas and Raymundo.
However this is where its charm lies, for it is clear to see that tracks such as ‘Volet’, ‘Au Ralenti’ and ‘La Raision De Plus Fort’ have all been put together with exquisite care and attention to detail. From the rich choral harmonies to the tinny computer loops, there is no unnecessary note, no spare lyric. Cottom and Muller have managed to astonish and awe with their heady mixture of fantasy and reality breathing life and sunshine into this wonderful release.”
– Charlotte Otter,

“Call it global village music: on “La Chambre”, Belgian boy/girl duo Soy un Caballo (Spanish translation: “I’m a horse”) and Louisville’s Will Oldham sing entirely in French over what is essentially indie-fied bossa nova. Backed by nothing but an acoustic guitar, a Rhodes piano and a brokedown rhythm preset, Oldham and Aurélie Muller sound weightless and content, their half-sighed verses resolving into sweet choral refrains. Of course, the language doesn’t hurt either; it’s downright charming to hear Oldham’s woodsy Kentuckian palette wrap itself around a French lyric.”

About Soy Un Caballo:

Soy Un Caballo are Aurélie Muller (ex-Melon Galia, Raymondo) and Thomas Van Cottom (ex-Venus, V.O.).

Together they produced a delightful album, with a little help in the shape of a great group of musicians:

Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy (singing in French)
Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas)
Jesse Vernon (Morning Star)
Kate Stables (This is the Kit)
Delphine Bouhy (Adrian Boult, Par-rondo)
Cédric Castus (V.O., Raymondo),
Boris Gronemberger (V.O., Raymondo, Françoiz Breut),
Julien Paschal (Sharko, V.O.)
Charlie Francis (R.E.M., The High Llamas, Turin Brakes producer).

The album was originally released on Matamore (Belgium) but was distributed in the UK by Folkwit.  It acheived distribution worldwide and notably a release on vinyl by Minty Fresh (USA).  Soy Un Caballo toured extensively including several UK tours and went on to record 2 split singles (limited edition vinyl 7″) with Sam Genders (Tunng) and This is the Kit on London’s Need No Water label.  The latter being the final release before they disbanded in 2010.


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