The Red Flags

Hundreds of Sunshine – The Red Flags – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Cool Canyon
  2. Grown-up Lullaby
  3. Dead Snake
  4. Body Of Evidence
  5. Down Across The Border
  6. Ambient Lemon Dream
  7. Lazy Song
  8. One-way Train
  9. Funeral Song
  10. Motorbike
  11. Bye-bye Baby
  12. Jonnie Cheese
  13. Haunted House
  14. Quirky
  15. Special Time


“You don’t have to be American to produce top draw Americana, as Keith Mouland and Harry O’Shea, aka The Red Flags, prove with the release of “Hundreds Of Sunshine”. Call it, call it country blues, it’s got class written all over it. Like all good country blues there are tracks that sit very much on the darkside of the genre, falling just short of real murder ballads. It’s a collection of fifteen short stories set to some very good music. It’s stripped back, nothing is wasted. All that remains is essential. It’s evocative and it’s like letting a late night session into your lounge.”
– Cambridge & Beyond, August 2006

“Wiltshire based roots and blues musician Keith Mouland has been recording albums in various guises for many years now; mainly solo but often with top drawer alt-country musicians. But I’m guessing this is the one that’ll make people put down what they’re doing and lean in a little bit closer. Because what he’s managed to do here is create a genuine slice of homegrown Americana and not a ten-gallon hat or Confederate flag in sight. Along with Harry O’Shea on double bass and accordion [they are The Red Flags] he’s put together an acoustic set of tunes that practically evoke the sounds, smell and taste of the prairie: Songs like One-Way Train, Cool Canyon and Snake are all simply recorded with just guitars and a little piano for accompaniment; which just goes to show that less is more like those skate decks that pop, usually the ones with less clutter of designs. And with Quirky, Bye Bye Baby and Funeral Song all life, love and death bases are covered too. It just doesn’t come much better than this.”
– John Medd, Nottingham Evening Post, Essential Guide, August 2006

“There are some terrific songs on this album, mostly story-songs with the all-American Dead Snake being a stand-out. The two-man set-up inevitably leads to a tight, stripped down sound, but this plays to the album’s advantage. Everything about it seems authentic with the songs touching all the bases. As befits the genre, there are quite a few dark songs such as Bye, Bye Baby and Funeral Song but the mood is lifted by more upbeat tunes such as Johnny Cheese. Regardless of where they come from this is one of the finest, crispest sets of songs I’ve heard for a while.” ****
– Kevin Moug, Maverick Magazine, 2007

About the Red Flags:

The Red Flags are a collaboration between Keith Mouland and KC (Harry) O’Shea. Their superb album, Hundreds Of Sunshine is a cross between Americana, folk & blues and has received high praise from the press.


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