The Sound of Bailey

The Way That Things Are Done – The Sound of Bailey – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Song Of The Lighthouse Keeper
  2. Made In Heaven
  3. School
  4. Could Have Been A sign
  5. Left Unsaid
  6. The Way That Things Are Done
  7. Princess Of The Sea
  8. Same Old Story
  9. Hospital Bed
  10. On My Own
  11. Machine Man


“…the songs flourish in the simplest of settings and the contrast between that simplicity and the delicate, intricate beauty of what he’s saying, makes this a powerful album. Introspection, subtlety and gentleness in folk music will lead Bailey to some obvious comparisons. So obvious that there is no need to namecheck them here. The Way That Things Are Done is a jewel in the crown worn by those predecessors but it also deserves to be judged on its own merits.”
– Americana UK

“Spinning sweet yarns of mermaids, lighthouse keepers and failed romance in self-deprecating style, his songs are simple, straight-forward and never outstay their welcome or become boring despite only the odd piano flourishes. “Could Have Been a Sign” is a classic example – a dead ringer for Dylan’s “Lay Lady Lay” with a more subdued Morrisey on vocals. I also particularly liked “Hospital Bed”. All in all, a small triumph.”
– Will Columbine, Tasty Fanzine

“Bailey’s smooth melodies and friendly voice is the remedy I recommend for any troubled brow. This is real talent that deserves to go far.”
– Juliet Burton, The Ely Standard

About The Sound of Bailey:

In 2005 The Sound of Bailey made an album of 11 songs in his own very unique and original style – a much praised small release focusing on pure songwriting.

The Way That Things Are Done has tales about lighthouse keepers, celestial production lines, consequences of wrong delivered mail, mermaids and sailors, bottom class in school, building robot men and more! The Album resulted in a session for cult show Garden of Earthly Delights and made it into Tasty Fanzine’s Best Albums of 2005.

The Way That Things Are Done was produced by Nick Crofts and the pair have since gone on to form the brilliant The Title Sequence.


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