Kid McCoy – Threatmantics

Full debut album from Welsh alt rock’n’rollers, Threatmantics…

Release date: 10 December 2012

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Kid McCoy - ThreatmanticsKid McCoy - Threatmantics

  1. Wazoo
  2. Archeopteryx
  3. Apple Tree
  4. Lonely Heart
  5. Shotgun Billy
  6. White Otello
  7. Esgyrn
  8. Don’t Carry
  9. Birthday Girl
  10. Dumpamundo


“A revised line-up since their 2008 debut and a departure from Domino have brought about a change of scope in the Cardiff band, a guitar now vying for lead role with a vaguely threatening viola but now with both greater focus and a more jagged, punchier approach to folk-punk art-angularity. Surf rock riffs clash with soaring epiphanies and existential musings, balls-out rock’n’roll deliberately steers down a wrong turning, the result feeling more direct and more willing to take the melodic road less travelled. They resolutely refuse to be stylistically pinned down, neither revivalists nor too outre but willing to tightrope walk the choppy seas between.”
– Sweeping The NationKid McCoy made STN’s Top 50 albums of 2012

“…one of the best records of 2012, let’s not mince words!”
– Dust Esther , (France)

“…the music…obstinately resists any halfway-significant classification, although at times it may take heavy inspiration from Dick Dale-style surf rock, garage punk, fuzz-beat psych, spaghetti-western, Deep Purple and 80s alt-indie, yet without ever settling consistently for any length of time – and thus avoiding the chance of becoming in any way predictable. Which is cool…(they) also have a keenly playful, if surreal, sense of humour…Threatmantics have certainly persuaded me to sneak a retrospective entry into my 2012 Ten Best Albums!”
– David Kidman, FATEA Reviews

“For those of you familiar with the Cardiff gig scene, it will probably seem as though you have been waiting an age for an album to be released by one of Cardiff’s finest live bands Threatmantics. Well, finally the wait is over, Threatmantics have finally got around to releasing their debut album through Folkwit Records.

Listening to the album the wait has been more than worth it, the album manages to capture the passion and excitement of the live shows in a jaw dropping manner. What makes this album truly stand out is the way it has been carefully put together and produced, whilst managing to retain the energy of the band.

‘Kid McCoy’ is one of those special albums that does not fit comfortably into one specific genre. This is an album that deserves a category all to itself. From the opener ‘Wazoo’ which instantly embraces the listener with its dark and hypnotic sound to the climatic and rousing closer of ‘Dumpamundo’, you will find every bit of your attention focussed on this great album.

Further highlights include ‘Apple Tree’ which is a beautiful, acoustic led song which you will instantly fall in love with. ‘Lonely Heart’ is another moment of genuine beauty, played out over an incredibly compelling melody, the string section on this song is truly magnificent. ‘Shotgun Billy’ will grab hold of you and never let you go and ‘Don’t Carry’ will take you away to a very peaceful and happy place. The strings and vocals throughout this song once again mark this band out to be one that we should truly treasure.

With ‘Kid McCoy’ Threatmantics have proved themselves to be a band who can be as good on record as what they are live. This is an album which I hope will propel the band on to achieve the mass success they deserve.”
– Steve Tay, A Musical Priority

“Quirky lyrical themes abound here even when you least expect it. ‘Apple Tree’ is a beautiful Mumford and Sons-like love story, all gently strummed guitars before the all-important discovery that the object of the protagonist’s affection is in fact a plasticine model. ‘Archaopteryx’ must surely be one of the strangest reference points for a song possible in its theme of palaeontology (“underneath those pretty feathers, you’ve got something to hide”). It sees band members singing different lyrics over the top of each other and a striking a cappella intro. Elsewhere their Celtic roots are clearly apparent with the Welsh language ‘Esgyrn’ and ‘Shotgun Billy’, the latter a potential future soundtrack for a Tarantino-directed spaghetti western. Half spoken vocals, shouting, crashing drums, chanting and strings are all flung into the musical cauldron to create a visceral energetic beast…Kid McCoy is the sound of band with a clearly forged identity who are consistently good if only fleetingly brilliant.”
– Greg Inglis, This Is Fake DIY

“Threatmatics are difficult to define other than to say that they can create a big, big sound as they veer wildly from galloping guitar riffs to idiosyncratic ballads. While guitarist Andrew Lewis is big on Peter Gunn and Dick Dale type guitar slinging singer Heddwyn Davis uses an amplified viola to fine effect on several songs (shades of fellow Welshman John Cale perhaps)…the opening song “Wazoo” which starts off sounding like a lost soundtrack to an obscure fifties sci fi movie involving surfers and aliens…”Shotgun Billy” which commences with a killer mean street riff and features some tasty guitar licks from Lewis throughout. with some of the lyrics in Welsh Shotgun Willie’s destiny is a mystery to me but the band build up a fine sense of drama on this one.”
– Paul Kerr, Americana UK

“Kid McCoy is an intriguing, enjoyable listen…there’s a weaving undercurrent to the album which blends and mutates from melodic pop sensibilities (The Apple Tree), to dissonant soundscapes (White Otello) and bordering on Ennio Morricone spaghetti western soundtrack territory (Shotgun Billy). This is indie surf electric gypsy rock’n’roll…There’s a place in my record collection for it to sit comfortably, just not a pigeon hole for it.”
– Alex, The Miniature Music Press, Cardiff

“Our headliners Threatmantics are old hands at this live game. Now taking on something fast approaching veteran status they attempt to crowbar as much into their set as is humanely possible for a four-piece outfit. Their rock ‘n’ roll agenda veers wildly from folk to rock to metal to pop – music that lifts us off our feet and sends even the most leaden footed for an impromptu shimmy around the dancefloor. Their recently released new album Kid McCoy is an aural treat as is their infectious live show…Nights don’t get much more enjoyable than this.”
– Dave Owens, Wales Online (Recent Live Review)

“Ah, the viola: that most heavenly and yet misunderstood of instruments. The happy medium between the virtuosity of the violin and the pathos of the cello, it is yet the brunt of many a cruel gag. Thankfully Threatmantics are here to show the indie world what this chamber wildcard can do. The alto vibrations merge perfectly with the throaty baritone…energetic, surfy numbers (“Archeopteryx”) cowboyish rock (“Shotgun Billy”) and bass-heavy folk (“Apple Tree”)…A varied but consistently good debut.”
– Sarah L, Inforty

About Threatmantics:

Threatmantics are an alternative rock ‘n’ roll band from Cardiff. Legend has it that they first met in a lay-by on the nearby A470. Never a band to respect convention, they have an unusual line-up with viola in place of lead guitar and a drummer who doubles up on keyboards!

November 2008 saw the release of their well-received mini-album Upbeat Love on Domino’s Double Six label and now their full debut album Kid McCoy is due for release on Folkwit Records.

Threatmantics attempt to crowbar as much into rock and roll as possible veering wildly from heartbroken folk, balls-out rock, spine-crushing metal through to good-time pop. Paradoxical by nature, at times their music sounds as if precariously held together by a fine thread yet cutting through is a strength and assuredness – it’s a compelling sound. Described as ‘lusty and shabby, elegant and chaotic‘, they have been regular favourites on Bethan Elfyn’s BBC Introducing radio show and are set to find further favour on the airwaves in Wales and beyond. As a live act they’ve performed extensively in the UK and Europe and at festivals ranging from The Camden Crawl to Glastonbury.

Kid McCoy features:

Heddwyn Davies: vocals, viola, keyboards, bass
Andrew Lewis: guitar, bass, vocals
Huw Alun Davies: drums, piano, theremin, vocals
Gareth Middleton: bass
Taliesyn Källström: vocals

Recorded by Pixy Jones and Andrew ‘Lewie’ Lewis at Daisy Street studios
Mixed by Charlie Francis
Mastered by Donal Whelan at Hafod Mastering

Threatmantics blog:


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