Obstacles – V.O. – £8.99 + P&P

  1. Mountain Calling
  2. Constant Changes
  3. Those Things in the Box
  4. Horses
  5. The Date
  6. Where is Your Home?
  7. Sample Song
  8. Untersbergbahn
  9. Green Snow
  10. Two Rivers
  11. Be With Me


“If I didn’t know that V.O. (short for ‘Version Originale’ in case you were wondering) was the new band by Belgian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Boris Gronemberger, I would have guessed that this recording came from Canterbury in the early 70s. An intimate, plaintive voice, not a million miles from Robert Wyatt, acoustic guitars vying with sumptuous keyboards, urgent underlying percussion and unexpected lurches into controlled experimentation – all the ingredients are there for anyone with a hankering for that long-lost land of early Soft Machine, Matching Mole and Hatfield And The North.

Centrepiece ‘The Date’ is particularly satisfying, with wordless vocals bobbing and floating above an atmospheric, unresolved backing that decays around the edges into stray creaks and hisses – found sounds from analogue somnambulism. Production is lush, with instruments arriving like ships looming out of a shimmering fog whilst others remain barely perceived, just formless shadows moving around the listener.

Vocal melodies, too, as on the exquisite ‘Sample Song’, appear in one’s consciousness before one notices them. And, as with V.O.’s Canterbury antecedents, amongst all this cleverness, there is a constant thread of playfulness that will make you want to renegotiate Obstacle time and again.” ***
– Oz Hardwick, R2/Rock’n’Reel

“Obstacles is a strangely beautiful and delicate piece that broods with subtle melodies and post-rock moodiness. There are moments of experimentalism…Where is Your Home is quirky, soothing and interesting…Sample Song is just gorgeous…a great slab of emotive and melodic, tamed, experimental pop-rock. Definitely worth a listen!”
– Maxie Gedge, SubbaCultcha.com

About V.O.:

It wouldn’t be surprising if Boris Gronemberger has crossed your path before. He is a Belgian singer-songwriter, composer, guitarist, vocalist, and percussionist described by the label Matamore as their ‘cement and edifice’. A prolific musician of abounding talent he has played alongside many diverse artists including Francoiz Breut, Soy un Caballo, Raymondo, Chacda, Ideal Husbands, Stars of the Lid, Venus, The Grandpiano, and Zop Hopop.

With his own band, V.O. (short for Version Originale), his own unique musical vision unfolds.

Obstacles, originally released on Matamore in Belgium is now finding a second home on the UK label Folkwit. It was recorded in Brussells at “Sumo Studio” by Julien Paschal and mixed in Cardiff by Charlie Francis ( High Llamas, REM, Soy un Caballo).



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