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Tree – Wim Oudijk (f0070)

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“Imagine a parallel universe where Brian WIlson and Van Dyke Parks had been allowed to complete Smile in 1967; where Mike Love’s objections were recognised for the mewling drivel they were, and the album became a global smash hit. Now imagine that a Capitol Records executive had been dispatched 12 months later to ask a fully-functioning Brian if he could deliver more of the same – only this time to make it even further out. Wim Oudijk’s ‘Tree’ is what it would have sounded like.”
– Chris Evans, Journalist & Broadcaster (The Curve Ball, WCR FM)

“There can’t be many albums that reference the Beach Boys and the baroque, but then there aren’t many artists quite like Wim Oudijk. Over here he’s probably best known as a producer/arranger, but in his native Netherlands he’s best known as a former member of the likes of The Navel Orange Choir and as a solo performer. “Tree” is a 46 minute exploration of a tree from germination to termination and the uses it might find when dead. It’s a very individual album, you won’t find much that’s like it. This really is music as art, but without the pretention.”
– Neil King, FATEA

“Now I first discovered Dutch musician, composer and producer Wim Oudijk via his work with Florida based Canterbury Sound legend Todd Dillingham (their most recent collaboration is Todds excellent ‘Songcycle 2011’ release) and now for the first time I am experiencing the genius of Mr Oudijk’s solo work.

Tree is in effect a 46 minute long concept piece in ten parts telling the story of a pine tree from its birth from a cone, to its maturity, its felling and a number of possible afterlives as the wooden horse of Troy, boats, furniture, Christmas trees and firewood. And all I can say is ‘wow’. I’ve been sitting here all day listening to this one over and over trying to work out exactly what to say about it, apart from the old ‘f**k me this is fantastic’.

This album runs the full range of musical styles from neo-classical sections, acapella vocals, folk influenced moments, snatches of progressive rock and lots and lots of well tripped out psychedelia. It’s all blended together with Wim’s distinctive and flawless production style, immaculately played and superbly realised into a spine tingling whole that easily ranks alongside the lost Beach Boys classic Smile as one of the truly great psyche concept works of all time.

This is indeed a work of true genius, a masterwork of the highest order and one that all lovers of really great music should have in their collection.

A masterpiece.
– Jon Wisbey, The Sunday Rock Show Blogspot

“Aside from being 46 minutes of peerless craftmanship, is it an attempt to convey Wim’s ecological purview through a miasma of musical creativity or in truth is just the last gasp of the type of exploratory Genius that dissolved as pop turned to prog? In many respects it’s both but also there are moments of such aching vocal and compositional beauty that Tree should become the yardstick by which all future pioneers should be judged.

An overview of each track is as futile as it is worthless, all you need are ears. If you are new to Wim’s World then this is the finest of introductions. For the legions of the converted its more, much more, than anything Wim has lent his bountiful gifts to thus far. There had been hushed whispers eminating from all points of the compass regarding the mutatis mutandis Wim had been making to bring Tree to fruition, parts leaked out on various web pages but I restrained my almost soul stripping desire to listen. Content to wait with baited breath for the full, finalised, chef-d’oeuvre…the wait was rewarded many times over. In many respects Tree being released at Christmas is almost apposite… Wim has delivered a beautiful gift to the world.

In summation, Tree reclassifies what has, till now, defined and been accepted as Pop Art. It is hopefully the first step on a road of creativity that Wim’s peers will follow, a work of gentle genius created, sculptured and delivered by one of the 21st Century’s genuine virtuosos.”
– James Crowther

About Wim Oudijk:

Wim Oudijk, musician, producer, arranger and songwriter was born on 9 May 1943 in The Hague, TheNetherlands.  As a child he was a prestigious yodeler and self taught pianist. In his early 20s, he owned a record shop which was very successful.  His interests in all things musical first bore fruit when he started The Navel Orange Choir between the years 1976 and 1980.  The band had a string of TV appearances and a record deal with Polydor.

When the band split up he formed Trespassers W with whom he remained from 1984 to 2000. In 2002, he remastered a CD boxed set for them.  In 1998, Wim first embarked on a solo career co-forming Disco Fair record label with long time friend Bert Koops, a veteran of many Dutch TV movies and documentaries. His most famous work probably being the location sound mixer on 240 episodes of Goede tijden, slechte tijden. Wim’s first solo album was the famous Beachcombing  (1998) followed in 1999 by the amazing Underbrush.

The new millenium heralded in the wondrous Xing the Equator followed by Strrung (2002), Paroles (2003), VistaVision (2004), Waitress in a Sushi-Bar (2005), Hero Swan & Doll (2006), the infamous The Leprechaun Classic Emerged was released in 2007, Calypso-and-So (a tribute of sorts to Wim’s musical hero and friend Van Dyke Parks) was released in 2008.  Also, in 2008 Wim created his final work to this date with mind blowing The Love Album which contained one of the finest pieces of music of the last 25 years, the epic Wonders.

Wim Oudijk

Wim then took a hiatus from his solo work to arrange and collaborate with other artists. In the past, he had done production work, arranging and mastering for Drs P, Eenzame Kerst, Chabliz, Hilda Wartena, Atilla the Stockbroker, Terro Ecco, Nicky Johns, Jacuzi, Tracey Roberts, Will Matla, Witte Van Der Veen, Maisie, Venus Flytrap, W. I. M. ,Tenlons Fort, Snippet, The Big I Am, Pete McCabe, Peter Burns, Jude Cowan, Todd Dillingham and many more.

In 2011 he compiled a free download compilation for Rash Records (UK) with artwork by Mick Dillingham called I’ve Had My Fun Now It’s Your Turn which is also available as a physical CD on Discofair Record. Also, in 2011 the Discofair label had a resurgence with a trio of world class cd releases including Todd Dillingham’s Songcycle (2011) which was released to critical acclaim world wide which also featured artwork by Mick Dillingham with a little help from Pete McCabe. Coming very soon is a brand new album by the legend that is Pete McCabe called Homeward. This is Pete’s first release since the classic The Man who Ate the Plant LP from 1973.

This brings us up to date to the brand new album by the maestro Wim entitled Tree featuring artwork yet again by Mick Dillingham.


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