Woven Bird

Southampton band Woven Bird are due to release their debut album on Folkwit later this year (2012), first up is their new single – Saw You In Two:

Saw You In Two – Woven Bird (f0081)

Release date: 25 June 2012

Buy Now – Limited Edition CD Single– £3 + P&P

Preview this single and get the CD + instant download package at Bandcamp.

About Woven Bird:

Woven Bird are an alt-pop band from Southampton, UK consisting of Matt Canning (vocals and guitar), Bilu Acharjee (bass), Lewis Ford (guitars and vocals), Dave Jones (guitars) and Marc Crocker (drums).

Since their inception in 2010, their agenda has been nothing more than to craft off-centre pop with sharp edges. They are influenced by far too many things to list here, but share a musical resemblance (and possibly owe a debt or two) to Grizzly Bear, The Shins and Vampire Weekend.

Their debut EP, released at the beginning of 2011, garnered much critical praise. The band continue to write and record, whilst performing their impressive live shows throughout the UK.

“Frenetic pace and unconventional song structure, combined with Canning’s wild, otherworldly vocal delivery, gives Woven Bird a real edge. Indie by numbers this is not.”
– Artrocker


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