The Sunshine EP (Remixed)

The Sunshine EP (Remixed)

Six special artists give Snippet’s Sunshine EP a complete make over, delivering six hand-crafted remix gems like love letters to the Summer that’s been.

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The Sunshine EP was released earlier in summer 2014 on Folkwit Records.

More Snippet info:

1.We Luv The Sunshine - Martin Case Remix

Martin Case is an experienced and creative musician, writer, producer and facilitator, residing in the Hertfordshire countryside. He won’t fit into any pigeon holes and he winces at the pure thought of the word generic. He is a bit old-school, but that’s just because he’s getting a bit old.

2.This Way Up - Disappointing Birthday Remix

Newly formed reprobates with badly cut & conditioned hair. No skinny jeans or lattes here - fags & broken hearts.

3.Can I Luv You - MyLittleBrother Remix

mylittlebrother were formed when a group of people who like music got together and, fueled by gin and haribo, wrote and recorded some.

4.Run For Your Life - The Lake District Remix

The Lake District is a piano based, ambient project; heavily influenced by massive landscapes that rend the onlooker in a state of frailty.

5.Misplaced Youth - Wim Oudijk Remix

Musician, producer, arranger, songwriter. All around a happy person

6.fliP - Old Tramp Remix

Dirty beats,crunchy synths & songs choc full of lyrical character.


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