Tonight, We All Swim Free

Tonight, We All Swim Free

A wonderful debut album from former Joyce the Librarian front man Martin Callingham. Tracks from the album have already attracted airpaly from the likes of Gideon Coe and Tom Robinson.

" Superb Autumnal fare, its gilded arrangement is perfect for long country walks, crushing leaves as you go."

"Portland Square is a beautiful number...a dark, Dickensian ode that resonates with the sombre mood of an English winter spent in yearning. The pièce-de-résistance has to be the spine-tingling finalé, as huge harmonies rise from the depths of a sparse skin-and-bones track to reach out and envelop the listener in a sinister crescendo. Staggering."
- GLASSWERK - Portland Square was featured as TRACK OF THE DAY

"Portland Square is a warning to prepare for an Alt-Folk revitalization and the only thing you can do is embrace it" 8/10

"Beautifully recorded and lovingly created, it’s exactly what an album should be."
- Simon Holland, Folk Radio UK

"A majestic debut."
- Dunkan Haskell, Songwriting Magazine

"...a haunting collection of folk melodies which at their most captivating send shivers down the spine."
- Tim Merricks, Americana UK

"Littered with uplifting riffs and gently driving rhythms encouraged by bass, drums and guitars, this album is a shrewd selection of polyphonic musings."

"English alt folk singer songwriter Martin Callingham melts me into a puddle with his stringy, pastoral ballad Knots."


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